Posted on November 28, 2009

Dylan Riley Gets Boned In This Gallery From Brazzers Network

Dylan is the Mascot of the Brazzers football team, but there's one big problem she completely sucks. After getting heckled by Keiran and his friend she takes off the head of her custom and yells back, but when they see what the Mascot looks like they realize she has a lot of potential to be the best Mascot there is. So Keiran decides to bring her into a private room in the school and teach her some brand new moves to get everybody cheering.

Check out the gallery here or visit Brazzers Network for the full set and video.

Posted on November 27, 2009

Dylan Riley Gets Fucked In This Tube Video From Brazzers Network

Dylan Riley loves haunted houses and she wants to spend the day with the DWP crew at one that Johhny Sins suggested checking out. Dylan gives the tour of the home of a demented murderer who was never found, who knows, he may still be lurking in the shadows! Either way all this adrenaline and fear gets Dylan turned on and she's ready to fuck some stiff cock after the whole ordeal is over!

Check out the full video in HD at  Brazzers Network!